Thursday, 19 July 2007

Latest WIP's

I've started my second sock - so no second sock syndrome for me*! This one seems a lot neater than the first though - I mean, it was my first ever go so its not going to be perfect but I'm fighting the urge to frog the first one to make it more perfect than the second! :-$

I got fed up with the white baby blanket that had been sitting in the cupboard for ages - I'm knitting it in 4 ply and was using the correct sized needle but it was making the stitches tiny and I think probably any children I have will have grown up by the time I finished it! So on Saturday night the bf and I had great fun frogging it and winding the yarn onto the ball winder (we know how to have a good time!) and I've now gone for a bigger needle and its made the blanket a lot more fluffy and a much quicker knit.

And finally..... this has been on my wish list since...well since I saw the pattern really! I've tried a few times to start a clapotis but each time the first line of the pattern has stumped me. I've had the yarn ready for about 8 months - I'm using Rowan Summer Tweed, still not quite sure about the yarn though. On Tuesday I decided I was really going to give it a go this time and I've managed about 18 rows so far - I seem to have gained an extra stitch somehow though so there could be some frogging to be done! Now I've got going on it, its actually a very pleasureable knit. More pics to come with more progress :-)

*Second sock syndrome - when you knit the first one and then find you can't be bothered to do the next one! You need to get cracking on the second one quickly to stop this from kicking in!


Anonymous said...

I've got second sock syndrome at the moment. Like yours - is it Opal yarn?

GeminiKnits said...

Its Opal Feeling number 1702 :-)