Thursday, 13 March 2008

Catching Up

I'm now a Mrs! Have been for the past 6 and a half weeks actually - can't say being married is much different to us just living together. Just has more paperwork to fill in to get my name changed over on everything!

Here's us on our wedding day - me, DH and my cunningly hidden bump :-) We had a wonderful day, sunshine, great relaxed company, yummy food and the best hotel suite ever!

We jetted off for our honeymoon a couple of days later and spent a lovely week mostly eating and sunbathing - I did take the opportunity to do some KIP-ing (Knitting in Public) by the pool. Didn't get any comments just a few looks and I'm now a bit closer to finally finishing those socks I promised DH!

With Bean's arrival less than 10 weeks away now I'm frantically trying to finish the blanket I started about 5 months ago - not much more to do, and will put the finished pics up here soon.

My biggest news and my proudest moment in my knitting life so far is that my yarns have been featured and given away in Let's Knit magazine this month. I'm a published artist!

I was dyeing more yarns yesterday and will have some new one's to put up in the shop over the next week.

Until the next time.......