Wednesday, 6 June 2007

So I'm 29 now.....

It was my birthday on Friday and I was the "big" 29 - the bf and I were discussing it the other day, its a bit of a non age. No one really says "oh you're 29" its more "one more year to go eh?". I had a great day, did nothing - didn't get dressed till about 1pm! Was too busy sorting out stuff to do with the move. Got some gorge flowers from the bf (first time he's bought me any!) and some addi turbo's (knitting needles) and opal sock yarn
I've attached pics of the before and after as I've done the ribbing and am not into the leg bit of the sock - woohoo! first sock ever!
I got a ball winder and swift too - and just ordered my niddy noddy yesterday! I was taken to the theatre for my birthday treat - we went to see Avenue Q up in London - was really funny, I loved it. Even bf thought it was ok and he hates musicals - think of it as a grown up Sesame Streets or Muppet Show, then off to dinner with my friends to Ping Pong on the Festival Terrace near Waterloo. Paul Weller sat on the table opposite us! That made my birthday even more.

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