Tuesday, 24 April 2007

So the bf and I went to Alton Towers last weekend to celebrate his 28th birthday (he's my toyboy!). Its always been on my "places to go" but always seemed like a bit of faff to get to. I booked it all as a "surprise" and we made a weekend of it - was so much fun! After an initial panic over the hotel (read some seriously awful reviews) we set off on the sunny Sunday morning Alton Tower virgins. Me slightly apprenhensive with the motion sickness I seem to suffer from these days. Beautiful day, hardly anyone there, no queues, was perfect. My favourite ride was the Ripsaw - kind of like a boat where we sat in 2 huge lines and it turned us upside down while jets of water shot up in the air and soaked you - cue lots of screaming and laughter! I DID NOT like Oblivion! Honestly thought we were going to die, I'd not really thought it through, once we dropped the sheer drop I had no idea where we would end up. I think probably my screams were pretty much heard over the whole of the park. We didn't go on that one twice! Its my birthday in almost a month (yippee!) got to think of something equally as exciting to do for me now.

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